updated on 17/01/2020 the drop file has been updated and download file appeared

we present to you a completely free upload platform, without restriction of file sizes and without creation of user account . Once the upload is complete, you will get a URL indicating the location of your file in our ftp server.

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you can download the files previously transferred to our servers, thanks to this space

about our project

we present you with a completely free tool, we will never ask you to pay or enter your payment information. Because today communication is becoming more and more important, our project aims to facilitate its communication for free. We do not collect any of your personal information, this is a project which aims to evolve and grow thanks to the reviews of its users. If you are the victim of a scam or suspect a scam posing as us thank you for us report it as soon as possible to contact@upload-free.net

after uploading your file, you get a URL, corresponding to the location of your file on our ftp server. this URL is a unique key assigned to your file, it allows you to delete it, share it or even upload your file. If you lose this URL, none of the previous actions can be performed, the URLs are permanent, they do not have a limited duration, they are stored on our server until a removal request has been made and validated . keep this URL correctly because you will not receive a duplicate. this url is a bit of the identity card of your file

our site has a ssl certificate, which indicates to users that the connection between a user and our ftp servers is secure and encrypted. therefore the file transfer between the user and our ftp servers is secure. your file will therefore only pass between a secure server with an ssl certificate. which reduces the risk of data loss during file transfer.

as previously mentioned, our project is free for both personal and professional users. To ensure the development of the project and the site, we publish advertisements in order to always offer you a better service in constant evolution

you detect a problem on the site, do not hesitate to contact us in order to resolve the problem as soon as possible

it is thanks to your opinions that we are progressing and making the project more efficient to your expectations and therefore better in performance, if you wish to give feedback on the site, you can do so at contact@upload-free.net

about our partners


01serv.com is a data protection and file hosting website, often considered as a web host. 01serv protects and secures your files. this company does not share any of your data, both files and personal information, all of which remains secret. why use this site?
if you want to protect sensitive files without anyone other than you having access to them, this solution is made for you. you can access your files any time.

tor website

our upload-free.net solution is also available on tor, so that everyone can access the service we offer

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become a financial partner by becoming a sponsor of upload-free.net for this contact us at the email address contact@upload-free.net


Become a technical partner by supporting the technical and graphic advances of the project. By proposing new solutions to the projects, correct the beug and simplify the user experience. for that contact us at contact@upload-free.net